Free SSL Certificates!

01-January-2017 FREE SSL Certs Hit Director now provides FREE SSL Certificates for EVERY domain and subdomain hosted. This will give you a BIG boost in SEO rankings and will also improve mail delivery. You do not need to do anything, the FREE SSL cert is generated automatically for every domain you host with us, including subdomains. Read More »

12th Jan 2017
Attracta SEO Tools Updated


Attracta SEO Hit Director has upgraded Attracta SEO Tools. Attracta makes seo easy by automatically generating XML sitemaps for Google, Google blacklist checking, complete SEO analysis of your site with tools to fix seo problems.

12th Sep 2015
Self-serve incremental backups added


Incremental Backups Hit Director has added the ability for you to restore incremental backups from your control panel. Never worry about lost data, we have your back (pun intended). We store multiple copies of your backup in multiple locations.

11th Sep 2015
Bitcoin's now accepted


BitCoins Now Accepted Hit Director has added the ability to pay with bitcoins. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P digital currency that enables immediate and secure payments.

22nd Nov 2013
CloudFlare CDN

02-March-2012 CloudFlare CDN. Hit Director has added CloudFlare CDN capability. You can distibute your site across the world with a click of a button. Your site will be served by the closest data center to your user. You can also protect wordpress from spam as well as make it lightning fast! More on: cPanel CloudFlare Setup Read More »

2nd Mar 2012
Google Apps Wizard


Google Apps Wizard. Hit Director has added a simple 3 step process to configure your account to integrate with Google Apps. Simply log into your cPanel account and click the GoogleApps Wizard icon. More on: cPanel Google Apps Wizard

1st Mar 2012
Backup Upgrades


Backup Upgrades. Hit Director has added off-site backups to augment our on-site backups. On-site backups are now synced to an offsite data center. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic disaster you can rest assured that your data will be safe and quickly recovered.

24th Sep 2011
DNSSEC Rounttable with Cricket Liu


DNSSEC Rountable With Cricket Liu. Hit Director attended the roundtable in Denver where Cricket Liu discussed the Kaminsky cache poisoning vulnerability and the importance of DNSSEC .

28th Jan 2011
Hit Director adds Attracta's SEO Plug-in

03-October-2010 Hit Director adds Attracta's SEO Plug-in. Hit Director is sponsoring your Attracta Basic-level SEO tools account at no cost to you. It is yours free forever and comes with every account (Normally sells for $59.40/year). Simply login to your Hit Director website control panel, look for the new SEO Tools category, and click on "Get ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2010
WHIR Network Event


Hit Director attends the Web Hosting Industry event in Denver. Hit Director met with several companies while at WHIR's networking event. As a result new SEO plug-ins will be added to the control panel and make it a snap for you to optimize your website.

27th Aug 2010

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