How to use Spam Assassin

The Spam Assassin is a mail filter created to identify SPAM messages and preventing them from reaching your inbox. It works pretty much like the SPAM filters that you can set manually on our system.

The main difference is that the e-mail filtering criteria has already been pre-filled with a lot of different heuristic tests (spam rulesets). The filtering criteria of Spam Assasin is not controled by Hit Director. It is advisable you take a good close look at their spam ruleset before activating it on your domain name. Their filtering criteria might not be suitable for your purposes.

To set up SPAM assasin:
1) Login to your control panel
2) In the Mail section, click Spam Assassin .
3) Click enable SpamAssassin to enable
4) Click disabled SpamAssassin to disable

You can set the aggressiveness with which spam assassin tests your mail by setting the 'Required Score':

0 means everything will be marked as Spam
5 is the default
10 means nothing will be marked as Spam

Just setup Spam Assassin once, and it works for all of the emails on your account. Spam Assassin will mark your spam so it is easy to notice. (You can even make spam assassin automatically delete those emails.)

Checking your SPAM box:

If you set up spam filters or spam assassin, the mail is automatically stored in a box called "Spam", which is either in your default email account or in the pop box for a specific email address that you have setup.

The only way to access it is via webmail which you can do from the E-mail accounts (setup your pop accounts) section of your control panel.

You must periodically check and clear out or transfer to your inbox if you want to keep it. You must also empty the trash after you delete the spam in your spambox to free up your web space.  If you don’t the spam will pile up and, eventually, fill up your entire account.

Note: If you don't want the mail to pile up there and instead want it automatically deleted, then go into the spam assassin link and disable the spam box.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, SpamAssassin no longer rewrites the subject line of your emails.

Fortunately, you can accomplish email filtering with the tools we provide.

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. In your webmail create a folder called Spam.
  3. From the Mail section of your control panel, click User Level Filtering  .
  4. Next to your email address, click Manage Filters.
  5. Click the Create a new Filter button.
  6. Give the filter a name like SpamAssassin Rule.
  7. Change the "From" drop down to "Spam Status".
  8. Change the "equals" drop down to "begins with".
  9. In the large blank below, type Yes
  10. Change the "Discard Message" drop down to "Deliver to folder".
  11. Click the Change button and choose your new Spam folder.
  12. Click the Activate button.

Now you can use IMAP and subscribe to the new Spam folder.

How can I remove the auto-delete function?
1) Login to your control panel
2) In the Mail section, click Spam Assassin .
3) click the "Disable Auto-Delete Spam" button


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