Outlook Malfunctioning

If a message is stuck in the Outbox
Go to File and choose Work Offline. Close outlook and reopen it. Now you can delete the email. This happens usually to emails with attachments; it may be time to install a new Outlook.

If Outlook is not downloading all of your messages
If the quota is good, then you may have other mail programs (like Blackberry) downloading the emails and thus removing the copies.

If Outlook is downloading multiple copies of your messages
Most likely your Outlook program is broken. Try downloading a new copy to install, or look for patch provided by Microsoft.

If Outlook is trying to download a message, but gets stuck
The message is likely too large or has a large attachment. The solution is to read the email using webmail and download the attachments if you want to keep it.  Then delete the message.  After that Outlook will go back to downloading mail normally.

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