FileZilla - How to download files with filezilla

FileZilla is an free FTP program (available for windows, linux and MAC)  that will help you backup/download your website files quickly and easily.

If you don't have FileZilla, you can download it at:

(Just click the "Downloads" link and from the next page, download the one that has "setup" in the file name).

Once you have downloaded FileZilla, install it on your computer just like you would install any other Windows program.

Step 1) Connect to your account using FileZilla.

When you first run FileZilla, you'll notice that on the top part there are 4 fields that you need to fill out in order to connect to your account:

Here's the information you must enter in those fields:

Host: Enter your domain name (without the "http://" or the "www" parts like in the example above).
Username: Enter the same username you use to login to your control panel.
Password: Enter the same password you use to login to your control panel.
Port: Leave it blank for FileZilla to auto-detect it (Enter 21 if it doesn't work).

Once you've entered the information described above, click "Quick connect" and FileZilla should connect to your Hit Director account.

Step 2) Navigate to your "public_html" folder.

When FileZilla connects, it will do so to the root directory of your account, so you must navigate to the "public_html" folder. The public_html folder is the place where the files you'll want to backup reside.

Step 3) Locate in your computer a folder to backup your files.

Once FileZilla is connected and you are in the "public_html" folder of your web hosting account, you must locate a folder in your computer where you want to backup your website files. If you don't have a folder in your computer yet for this purpose, create it now.

Step 4) Download your website files.

Once you've located the website files you want to download, simply drag and drop them into the left-side panel (the one showing the folder in your computer's hard drive).

The bottom panel will show the progress of your files being downloaded. Once it stops, you can check that the files are there using your windows explorer.


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