How to replace your Hit Director email forwarders with forwarders

Background: Forwarded email can look like spam

Use the following helpfile if you want to collect email from your Hit Director email accounts at an email address that is not on our network.

* Collecting your Hit Director email with

If you have email forwarders that you use to forward to multiple people – for example, if you want all mail sent to to be sent to all of the members of your support staff – you can do that through your account by following the instructions below.

Note: The following instructions are subject to change anytime wants to change its layout or functionality. If you notice a discrepancy between our instructions and, please let us know so we can change this file for other Hit Director users.

How to set up email forwarders with

Step 1) Configure your Gmail to collect e-mail from Hit Director.

Go through the steps described in the helpfile:
Collecting your Hit Director email with set up the email address to be collected by your account. You can do this either with a account that you are already using, or you can set up a new account specifically for redirecting your email.

Step 2) Set up Filters in your account to redirect email to your recipient list. To do it, just follow these simple steps:

Click settings on the upper right of the page

Click the Filters tab and then click the “Create a new filter” link.

Put the email address that you are trying to forward in the “To:” field. For example, if the email account you have set up at Hit Director is, enter that in the "To:" field and click the “Next Step” button

On the next page check the box next to “Forward it to:” and put one of the email addresses that you want this mail forwarded to in the text box.

Click the “Create Filter” button.

Repeat the process of creating new filters for each of the email addresses that you want to forward your emails to.

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