How to delete the e-mail in your SPAM box

If you are over quota you must bring your disk usage down. In addition to being a billing issue, it is likely that this is causing your email or other site functions not to work properly.

If you set up spam filters or spam assassin, the mail is automatically stored in a box called spam, which is either in your default email account or in the pop box for a specific email address that you setup.

Reviewing spam messages before deleting them.
The only way to review your spam messages before deleting them is via webmail using "Horde" (it will not work with SquirrelMail). If you want to do it like this, follow the instructions in this helpfile and look for the spam folder once you get into the email program (it will be under the inbox).

You must periodically check and clear out or transfer to your inbox if you want to keep it.

Deleting your spam without reviewing it.
If you have mail already piled up and you want to remove this spam without reading it you can use an FTP program if you have one, or you can use your Online File Manger to delete it.

The format that our system uses to store spam in your account is:


and the folder that you need to delete is that ".spam" one at the end. You mainly have two options to delete that file. One is through Hit Director's "Online File Manager" and the other one is using your favorite FTP application; let's take a look at how to do both of them:

Option 1) Removing the email in your SPAM box (via the Online File Manager).

Follow these simple steps to remove the e-mail in your spam box.

1) Login to your control panel
2) In the Files section, click File Manager .
3) Select "Home Directory" from the pop-up.
4) Click on the folder icon next to "mail" in the left file-list
5) Click on the domain name that you are deleting the spam for.
6) Click on the username of the e-mail account you're deleting the spam for.
7) Then click on the folder name ".spam"
8) On the top toolbar click on the link "Delete".

Option 2) Removing the email in your SPAM box (via FTP applications).

1) Open your FTP client and connect to your Hit Director account
2) Double-click on the folder called mail
3) Double click on the domain that you are deleting the spam for.
4) Double click the username of the e-mail account you're deleting spam for.
5) Then select the .spam folder
6) Click on the delete button

Please let us know if you need any assistance removing your spam or reconfiguring your spam setting. We would be happy to help you. Click here to contact our helpdesk.

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