Forwarded e-mail can look like SPAM and ruin your domain name's reputation

If the email address that you are forwarding to is at an ISP that is not Hit Director there is a danger of having your domain name, the one that you are forwarding from, flagged as the source of spam. If this happens, other email you send is likely to be increasingly blocked by the destination ISP who will think that you are a spammer.

That is because when you forward your email you are also forwarding all of the spam that is sent to all of your email addresses.

When this happens it has the potential to impact every Hit Director customer who is trying to send email to that ISP. Because of the spam that you are forwarding, the receiving ISP will think that ThirdSphere hosts spammers, and that potentially everyone on our network is sending spam, so they can just block all of the mail coming out of our network. That's obviously not good for anyone's business.

Because of this we strongly discourage forwarding email from your ThirdSphere account to email addresses that are not on our network.

Here's how it works

Say you have an email account and it is being forwarded to .

Like most people you probably get some spam. So when a spam comes in from to that email gets forwarded to .

When the email arrives at it looks like it is coming from, because that is the domain name that it is being forwarded from.

So, instead of blacklisting the spammer, Yahoo (or whatever ISP you are forwarding your email to) begins to blacklikst , and potentially'ss entire network, as spammers, because as far as they can tell this is where the spam is coming from.

As yahoo increasingly thinks that your domain name is the source of spam, they will start blocking emails coming from your domain. The result of this can be that the emails that you are forwarding to your yahoo (or, or, or Comcast, etc) account will be blocked by yahoo and you will never receive them.

Instead of being more convenient, forwarding your email can end up becoming a big headache that can keep you from receiving your forwarded email, and can keep you and other ThirdSphere customers from having their legitimate mail delivered to its destination.

Our recommendation
You can create a account and use that account to collect your email directly from your pop account at Hit Director. (Other email providers also have this service).

By doing this you are collecting the email directly from your pop account and not forwarding, so your email will not be flagged as spam and blocked.

The following help files tell you how to set up a account to:

* Collecting your Hit Director email with

* Use your account to forward emails other email accounts

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