How do I know all my hosting bills are paid?

To see your financial status with Hit Director, simply login to the Hit Director billing system.

1) Go to the billing system here:

2) Sign in with your email address (provided during sign-up) and your hosting account password.

3) Click on the top tab that says "My Invoices"

4) There is a status column next to each invoice.  If a invoice is Paid it will be marked Paid in green, if a payment is due, it will be marked as Unpaid and appear red.

5) To pay an unpaid invoice click the box on the left next to each invoice you would like to pay, then scroll to the bottom and cick the button that says "Pay Selected"

6) You can then choose the method you would like to pay by.

We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers and GoogleCheckout.


If you have forgotten your billing password login, you can recover it here:


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