POP3 or IMAP with SSL

You must replace your normal mail.domain.com with the secure server name.

Please read the Outlook related article, first. Then come back to this article and adjust your settings.

Shared Web Hosting:

Look in your control panel's left hand menu to find the name of your server. If you have node5 then your secure server name is node5.clusteredserverfarm.com

Secure POP3 is port 995.

Secure IMAP is port 993.

The outgoing mail is always SMTP, whether using IMAP or POP.
Secure SMTP is port 465.

Problems? Be sure that your computer's firewall is not blocking these ports. It is not always necessary to use your Internet Service Provider's settings, but if you cannot send from port 26 or 465 you can also try port port 587.  If that does not work we suggest you contact your ISP and ask for their outgoing mail server name.

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