Resetting or recovering your controlpanel (cPanel) password

You can reset or recover your control panel password from your HitDirector Client/Billing Area.

1) Login to your HitDirector Client/Billing area:

You can do that by going to and entering your email address and password under “Billing Panel Login”.  (If you have also forgotten your billing password you can click “Request a Password Reset” under “Billing Panel Login”).

2) Once you are logged in, click “My Services” at the top of the page

3) Under “Product/Service” you will see your main domain name listed, along with other billing information.  Click the “Login” link to the right of your domain name.

4) On the next page, scroll down to where it says “Login”.  To the right of “Username/Password” you can see your current username and password that you can use to log in to your control panel.  If you would like to reset your password, enter the new password below and click “Update”.

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